Glendalough landscape

Visits from old friends in recent weeks have coincided with the resurfacing of some old favourites.


Jerry And Marge Go Large – Lotto Winners

I never knew there was so many different types of lottery. Systems such as this always seem impregnable, and as the adage goes, “the odds always favour the house”. But as things get more complicated, so gaps start to appear. And it only takes one or two people to exploit them before it all comes crashing down.


The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit

In a time when people are more connected than ever, what happens to the ones who want to be left alone?



Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight

The ten year anniversary of this album may have just passed but the vitriol and self-loathing still sound as fresh as ever. Picking a favourite album is next to impossible, but Midnight Organ Fight is about as close as it gets.



John Gordillo

I was unfortunate enough to sit through some truly terrible stand-up last week, so I went back to what I think is one of the smartest 3 minute spots I’ve seen for solace.


Toy Boats

A unique perspective on the city I’m lucky enough to live in. Even if you’ve visited Sydney, you’re unlikely to have seen it like this before.