Phillip Island, Victoria

I use a lot of different ways of keeping track of things I like, things I find useful and information I want to keep for a later date. The trouble with most of them is that if the service I use disappears, so would the data. So I wanted to come up with a way of archiving at least some of the interesting content I have read, and I figured that since you’re already here you might find it interesting too. The Weekender is a mixture of articles to read, music and podcasts to listen to, and short films and movies to watch when you have the spare time. And when better to do all that then the weekend.


Worst Roommate Ever

Anyone who’s shared a house with strangers will have a story about bad housemates, but you’d have to go a long way to beat this person. A person you don’t get along with because they purposefully try not to get along with you. And that was their plan all along.


What Do You Call The Last Of A Species

A sad word for a loss above all others, and unfortunately a word that will only see more use in the near future.


Inside China’s Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking

If it sounds like something straight out of Black Mirror, that’s because it basically is. It’s hard to imagine any benefit of this system not being so overwhelmingly overshadowed by the mistakes and abuses meted out to those the system is forced upon.



Song Exploder: The National – Sea Of Love

I’m a huge fan of The National and listening to them dissect the recording of Sea Of Love from the album Trouble Will Find Me was fascinating. The amount of work that goes into 4 minutes of music, filtered through warring talents and egos of the band, never ceases to amaze.


Rannar Sillard – Fidelity

I discovered this album in my ongoing hunt for music to work to. The album When You Were Here is a beautiful and discrete work, but the simple melody of this song in particular is too good not to be distracting.



James Acaster – Repertoire

You might not usually watch 3+ hours of standup comedy in one sitting, but I would recommend you make an exception for this. Netflix certainly thought it was worth it, and took the unprecedented step of releasing all four of James Acaster’s shows together. Although it can be enjoyed in parts, the narrative and story that is weaved together in its entirety deserves to be seen as one.


Brian Fallon – Smoke

As a long time Gaslight Anthem fan, it’s good to find out what the ’59 Sound really was. Brian Fallon is one of the most interesting musicians to hear talk about their craft, and Smoke is one of my favourite songs from his first solo album Painkillers.