Life Writ Small is a collection of articles and thoughts about the the important things in my life and the things I have found useful, from inside my head and from the world around me. This website isn’t about cutting edge technology, breaking news or predicting the future. It’s a refined version of whatever happened to be going on in my brain that day. Writing helps me to distill the important from the mundane, and hopefully you might find it useful too.

The idea behind Life Writ Small is flipping the phrase ‘writ large’ on it’s head. In a bid to gain back control of my time I am trying to simplify certain aspects of my life and remove some the complications that modern life foists upon us. While there is much benefit to the advances that modern technology has brought us, it is not the panacea which some proclaim it to be (usually while trying to sell us something).

Navigating which parts will bring us benefit and which will make our lives more complicated takes a concerted effort. In my quest for a more simplified life, I found that it is incredibly hard to think clearly with the constant barrage of distractions available to us. The best way for me to combat this was to get my thoughts down on paper, and in this way to pick out which were the salient facts amongst the rubbish. This was not only a breakthrough for me personally, but it became a metaphor for my search to simplify other aspects of my life. And thus the idea behind Life Writ Small was born.